Training in Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts Johannesburg

Train like a fighter while learning the best mixed martial arts Johannesburg has to offer. Before throwing yourself into a sport you need to ensure that you have the dedication and patience to see it through. Mixed martial arts are not for sissies, so guys, and girls, get ready to get fit and fighting.

Before your training session you need to ensure that you warm up. Your muscles aren’t ready to be highly exercised before you have warmed them up. Get stretching, and start your training slowly. Remember, you need to prepare your mind as well as your body. Get your heart rate up by sprinting a few laps and walking in between. Pushups are also a great warm up exercise, especially for the upper body. Add in a few jumping jacks and a few pull-ups and you’re good to go! Throw in a few exercises that will work both your upper and lower body.

Your first mixed martial arts Johannesburg classes will teach you the basics. You will learn how to stand, and correct your stance if needed. You will learn where to place your hands and arms in order to protect your face, and you will learn how to place yourself so that your weight is evenly distributed. Mixed martial arts is not just about fighting; there is a delicate science behind it. If you’re struggling with your punches, correct your balance. If your punches don’t fly straight, change your stance. Work at it and you will perfect it!

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