The Rise and Rise of MMA

MMA in Johannesburg is growing at an amazing rate

The sport of MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is experiencing massive growth in South Africa and in particular, Johannesburg.

With gyms like Fight Fit Militia popping up all over, Johannesburg is fast becoming the stronghold of MMA in the country. Not too long ago, EFC Worldwide, Africa’s premium MMA fighting league, further cemented the sport’s growing popularity by winning an award for being SA’s Top Sporting Brand.

EFC Worldwide, once hosted exclusively in Johannesburg, has now expanded its fight nights to other cities across South Africa but it is in Johannesburg where their main MMA evenings are still being hosted in front of sell-out crowds at Carnival City or the Coca-Cola Dome.

Joining gyms like Fight Fit Militia have a host of benefits – you get to train yourself in the art of self-defense while getting your body into the best shape it has probably ever been.
Joining a MMA gym does not always mean you’ll have to fight either, many just do it for the fitness and the training.

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