The popularity of Muay Thai Johannesburg

Muay Thai is a close combat sport, originating from Thailand. This sport uses clinching methods as well as striking techniques (stand up). This is both a mental, emotional and physical discipline. Also known as the art of 8 limbs. What does this mean? Exactly what it sounds like folks. MMA uses fists, knees, shin, elbows and feet – this technique is associated with excellent physical preparation as well as mental discipline. This form of fighting became internationally widespread in the 20th century. Recently the popularity of Muay Thai in Johannesburg speaks wonders.

Muay Thai gyms have flourished – popping up throughout the city, from Sandton to Edenvale to Benoni. So no matter where you stay, if you find yourself interested in joining a Muay Thai gym, you are not without options. Remember to do your research, you want to join a gym that is passionate about the sport rather than a gym that is only interested in glory and power.
There are some terms that you have to learn and understand in your first few weeks of training. This is an academic sport as well as a physical sport – so if you take this seriously, do the research. The below terms are important to the sport and I suggest you gain an understanding of them… remember Google is your friend.

•Spinning Back fist
•Cobra Punch (yup, how cool is that?)
So get studying, find the gym that suits your style and enjoy the world of Muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

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