The popularity of mixed martial arts in Johannesburg

It is incredible, the number of men and women that I have met, that practice MMA, or mixed martial arts. With popularity of MMA forever on the rise, the sport has grown into a mainstream event – with EFC becoming the focus on this sport. EFC fights are so popular they are now aired on television as well as in cinemas. This is truly astounding for a sport that is quite new to the country.

UFC is the original MMA championship, made popular in the United States in 1993. EFC is South Africa’s answer to the championship, with many heroes emerging from the sport. Take Soldier Boy for example, the man has become an EFC legend and a South African celebrity in his own right. Mixed Martial art in Johannesburg is exploding with Social Media in the city becoming inundated with people’s opinions of the fight and the fighters themselves.

If you do not know about EFC, you have your head firmly buried in the sand. Even if you are not a fan of fighting sports, you can’t help but have a slight interest in what actually goes on in the octagon. The sport is growing, tensions between clubs are high and many a fighter has caused controversy – this is what makes the sport great isn’t it? Sometimes I feel like this sport is similar to old school WWE… with real fighting!

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