Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is said to be Thailand’s national sport. Although the word boxing is used, it is very loosely used. The reason why this is said is for the fact that although there are rules and boxing gloves that are used, this sport focuses on using all of your body’s natural weapons. By natural weapons it means everything except for your teeth. This includes feet, hands, elbows and your head. Muay Thai training concentrates on using your body’s own weapons to wear down and ultimately knock your opponent to the ground.

Muay Thai started as a military form of fighting, but was adapted by adding gloves and a few rules in order to be considered as a sport or fitness training program. Much like training, Thai boxing uses every component of your body to be able to successfully take down your opponents. Muay Thai training develops cardio vascular speed and endurance as well as power and overall speed. This art form is not only done as a sport, but is also used in military training and law enforcement. Muay Thai is also used a self defense training.

There are slight differences in afore mentioned Thai Boxing and Muay Thai, where Thai boxing is only a hand technique sport. Muay Thai does use the same hand techniques, but as mentioned also makes uses of other components of the body such as; elbows, knees, feet and head. Besides these other additions to the sort which are similar to that of cage fighting or MMA training, Muay Thai also makes use of some of the components of Jiu Jitsu such as the grappling and holds.

In order to be a great Muay Thai fighter one has to have a physically strong physique as well as have balance, agility and speed. These are all things that come with time as you learn the sport.
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