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Our gym is aimed at providing our members with genuine fitness and not simply offer a façade of fitness. All of the classes and MMA training is provided by true industry professionals who have a fierce dedication for their fighting and fitness disciplines. Come and experience our Muay Thai Services.

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We offer the following training classes:

Mixed Martial Arts Training in Johannesburg

MMA is the extremely effective and preferred form of fighting that has been proven to be one of the greatest forms of fitness in humans. It originated in ancient Greece and was first originated in hand to hand combat. This evolved through the years and now MMA training is a popular way for people to achieve top physical fitness and we are proud of our longstanding excellent MMA training classes.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu

The word “Ju” is translated directly as supple or flexible while the word “Jitsu” refers to technique or art. This art form which is rich in history lies in the manipulation of the opponent’s force against themselves. This is done instead of confronting the opponent with their own force.

We make available this training to our valued members and use it as a vehicle to improve their fitness.

Muay Thai

Our gym teaches Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand it also combines stand-up fighting as well as a variety of clinching techniques. Our seasoned and expert trainers will help our members to achieve expert status with this training method which will benefit their overall fitness levels.

Boxing Classes in Johannesburg

Boxing is a popular sport in South Africa and around the world. It holds a special place in South African history and enjoys a loyal following. We make available expert boxing training classes in Johannesburg and will help our students to enjoy the many benefits associated with enjoying this sport.

Muay Thai Services

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