At Fight Fit Militia, the core focus is on fitness – on all levels. This includes social and psychological health as well as physical fitness. All round health is the primary objective besides building you into a lean, mean fighting machine.

Health Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

The main goal of people who enrol in the mixed martial arts lifestyle primary do so in order tolearn some form of structured self-defence. This then is the first benefit of MMA training but, in addition to this, it will develop self-discipline and perseverance along with a healthy sense of competition and sportsmanship.

MMA Training is an excellent physical workout developing, as already stated, Fight Fit Militia’s primary goal of fitness at a physical level. However, this physical exertion also works to fulfil one’s need for physical expression, as an outlet for pent-up aggression which we are all prone to, to a greater or lesser degree. In this sense, and a few others, MMA training is, therefore, a great stress reliever, allowing one to release pent-up frustrations built up through the day at work and so on.

On a social level, MMA training will build confidence in you; armed with a new sense of physical presence and assurance, one is better equipped to take on life on life’s terms. In addition, one gains a sense of community and camaraderie when training with other MMA enthusiasts through the sharing of a common passion and interest.

Mixed martial arts training also performs the role of an interest or “action hobby”- it is an exciting and interesting high energy activity which adds depth to one’s life.

And, it must be said, the opposite gender is attracted to MMA fighters – male or female, by way of physical presence or shared interest.

In summary, MMA training has benefits on a whole host of levels and Fight Fit Militia aims to develop you physically, socially as well as mentally, helping you towards all-round fitness and health.

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