The Art of Fighting

The Reemergence of Combat Sport through Boxing Classes in Johannesburg

Boxing has become somewhat of a dying art in South Africa. Gyms like Fight Fit Militia are working hard to turn this around by offering boxing classes in Johannesburg.

Contrary to popular belief, boxing is much more of a gentleman’s sport than most people would have you think. Boxing teaches its students valuable life lessons through the instilment of hard work and discipline.

Not only does boxing offer valuable experience in self-defense, it also offers people an outlet through which anger can be channeled in a controlled and safe environment. Many stories of rags to riches were scripted in a boxing ring where mentors challenge students to become better, more focused human beings.

Whether you’re looking to become a pro, need some self-defense classes, extra fitness or a way to rid yourself of excess stress, boxing has something to offer for everyone.

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