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We are one of the premier champion mixed martial arts gracie jiu Jitsu gyms in Johannesburg. Our dynamic and proven solution for all our members’ fitness needs has helped us to grow into one of the leading muay thai training facilities in the country. Our comprehensive gym now offers a variety of courses, ranging from boxing classes and mixed martial arts training in Johannesburg. We also offer great MMA training in Johannesburg right through to child programs such as boxing training.

All of our classes are taught in a community-based environment and here we teach the principles of honour along with muay thai classes in Johannesburg. We value sportsmanship and true skill as opposed to raw brutality. Our members also know that they can expect mental and physical training combined with the skills that will help to benefit them in all areas of their lives.

Our gym places a lot of emphasis on the complete “art” of mixed martial arts training. The evolution of becoming a true martial artist is really a life changing process. By recognising this art form as a life changing experience, our students continue to train their bodies as well as effectively focus their mind. While MMA training is not only a physical journey, but also a psychological and mental one too, our seasoned training partners and coaches will ensure that all of our members learn the true value of the training and incorporate it into their lives.

Develop Conditioning of a True Warrior with MMA Training in Johannesburg


Our team of seasoned jiu Jitsu MMA training professionals will ensure that every person in our gym, be it hobbyist or professional, male or female, will receive the opportunity to develop the conditioning of a true warrior.

Due to being a results-driven community that is made up from experienced MMA training coaches, we always ensure to only deliver the very highest quality coaching and training that is possible. Whether our students come to us to help them to become fit through training or would like to pursue a professional path in the world of MMA training, we will work hard to help each one reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to the art of MMA training in Johannesburg and will continue to set the bar for the industry and lead the way forward for affordable MMA gyms in Johannesburg.

Muay Thai Training

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